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Artifacts Of The Golden Age: Archaeological Evidence That Civilization Is Declining, Not Advancing

Richard Cassaro | July 27, 2018
Across the ancient world we find mysterious stone ruins that are so sophisticated and advanced that they look like structures from the distant future, rather than the primitive past. Scholars ignore these ruins because academia in general upholds the “evolutionary” paradigm, which sees man as rising and evolving. They believe our modern society marks the pinnacle of human progress....

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MONUMENTAL CAMBODIA: An Esoteric Tour of the Ancient Temples (2019)

Richard Cassaro | July 28, 2018
                Coming in 2019! I´ll be taking a small handful of Sacred Explorers with me to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, home of the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire and the largest religious monument in the world. Only a few of the more than 1000 temples have been cleared of the jungle...

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MYSTICAL MEXICO: A Symbolist Tour of the Ancient Mayan Ruins (Nov 3 – 10, 2018)

Richard Cassaro | June 23, 2018
Does evidence from ancient Mexico point to a missing chapter in human history? During more than 25 years of intense scholarly research into Mesoamerican cultures, Richard Cassaro, author of three widely-acclaimed books on ancient symbolism, has discovered a key that unlocks a timeless spiritual wisdom (Perennial Philosophy) encoded in ruins across the Yucatan. On this November 3 – 10,...