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My UFO Encounter – Caught on Video

Richard Cassaro | March 2, 2018
At around 2 a.m., on the evening of December 13, 2013, I saw a UFO hovering in the sky outside my home-office window in Stamford, CT. I was working on a documentary film, and so I grabbed my videocamera (which was sitting on my desk) and began videotaping. Here´s a short video I recently created explaining the events of...

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The Story of an 1800s Mansion Built Over an Ancient Indian Burial Mound

Richard Cassaro | June 23, 2018
The story of Mont Helena, a Colonial revival style home built atop a ceremonial Indian mound in the Mississippi Delta, is fascinating. It provides the sort of evidence I´ve been looking for that indicates a supernatural or metaphysical “power” or “presence” associated with the ancient Indian burial mounds peppered across the United States. Mont Helena is a powerfully-mysterious site...

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Magical Mexico: A Symbolist Tour (November 2018)

Richard Cassaro |
Evidence from our ancient past seems to point to a missing chapter in human history. After more than 25 years of studying Mesoamerican cultures, the enigmatic philosopher and symbolist Richard Cassaro has discovered a key that unlocks a timeless spiritual wisdom encoded in stone. He explores evidence of a sophisticated Sacred Science behind the striking accomplishments of ancient Mesoamerican...