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My Visit to the Mysterious Ancient Island of Cyprus

Richard Cassaro | March 27, 2019
I traveled to Cyprus in February 2019 by invitation of the Brotherhood of Saint Hilarion to present a 2-hour lecture on my research. I´ve been speaking at events in various countries for many years (England, Italy, Peru, Egypt, Spain, Mexico) but this was my first time in Cyprus. I made many amazing new friends. Over the course of a...

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MONUMENTAL CAMBODIA: An Esoteric Tour of the Ancient Temples (November 8 – 14, 2020)

Richard Cassaro | July 28, 2018
              Richard Cassaro Cambodia 2020 Travel Expedition 7 Days / 8 Nights of Ancient Temples, Fascinating Archaeology & Esoteric Wisdom November 8 (Sun) – 14 (Sat), 2020 I´ll be taking a handful of Sacred Explorers with me to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, home of the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire and the...

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MYSTICAL MEXICO: A Spiritual Tour of the Ancient Mayan Ruins (March 14 – 20, 2021)

Richard Cassaro | June 23, 2018
Does evidence from ancient Mexico point to a missing chapter in human history? During more than 25 years of intense scholarly research into ancient American cultures, Richard Cassaro, author of three widely-acclaimed books on ancient symbolism, has discovered a key that unlocks a timeless spiritual wisdom (Perennial Philosophy) encoded in ruins across the Yucatan. On this March 14 –...