Salt Lake Temple’s Mysterious “TRIPTYCH” Facade—The Most Powerful Masonic/Mormon Link Ever Uncovered

Rumors of a connection linking Mormonism to Freemasonry have swirled for more than a century.

Articles and even entire books have been written on the subject.

However, the most powerful and mysterious connection between these two movements has not yet been recognized.

This connection is the following:

A massive—Masonic—Triptych graces the façade of the Salt Lake Temple, the best-known temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Salt Lake Temple, UTAH
Salt Lake Temple, UTAH

If you don’t follow this blog regularly, here’s a brief overview of the Triptych…

I’ve uncovered evidence that the Triptych architectural pattern holds an ancient, symbolic meaning.

I’m writing a book called Written In Stone describing my discovery of the “Triptych” and the ancient wisdom it enshrines.

The Triptych graces the facades of ancient temples all over the world (see

This is because ancient cultures all knew the Triptych symbolizes a powerful and highly spiritual Sacred Science teaching, which they all once shared (exactly how is immaterial).

Even more interesting, modern Secret Societies, like the Freemasons, seem to have been very well-versed not only with Triptych design but also with the ancient Sacred Science wisdom it symbolizes.

As evidence of this, the (operative) Freemasons built the Triptych design into the portals of Gothic cathedrals:
Freemasons Cathedrals

So how, then, did the Triptych make its way onto the façade of the famous Salt Lake Temple?

Mormon Masons Temple Freemasons
Salt Lake Temple, UTAH

Stay tuned for more soon.