Ancient World Parallels

Were Ancient Cultures Worldwide Somehow Connected?

Richard Cassaro is widely recognized as the world´s leading researcher into ancient cultural parallels shared by a group of civilizations he calls the “pyramid cultures,” history´s first known cultures.

Richard´s research—some of which has been plagiarized by bloggers, YouTubers, tour operators, unscrupulous authors, and popular television programs—outlines remarkable and hitherto undiscovered links (symbolic, artistic, architectural, linguistic, religious, spiritual, cosmological) that he has found to be common among ancient unrelated cultures. He is best known for his “Triptych Temple” and “GodSelf Icon” archaeological discoveries, both of which show astounding parallels among cultures that scholars insist were unrelated. These and similar discoveres were published in his 2011 book, Written in Stone. His “GodSelf Icon” discovery was further fleshed out in his 2016 ebook, The Missing Link.

Ancient Egypt & Peru Parallels

Richard enjoys sharing some of his work freely online, and his pioneering article “Suppressed By Scholars: The Mystery Of Twin Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Atlantic”—which outlines a series of Egypt & Peru parallels that he´s spent his lifetime gathering—caused a major sensation in 2012, leading an emerging field of up-and-coming researchers, authors, tour operators, and graduate school students to study Egypt / Peru parallels. You can read the article here.

(NOTE: Shortly after the release of the article, a Facebook Group was created that plagiarized all of Richard´s work without mention of his name, his books, his research or his discoveries. The group was forced to remove all of his plagiarized content and issue an apology. After this incident, Richard reluctantly began watermarking his photos and copyrighting all of his videos, photography and text.)

Ancient Mayan & Balinese Parallels

Richard has also written extensively about the cultural similarities shared by the ancient Mayan of Mexico and the ancient Balinese of Indonesia. His 2012 article “Suppressed By Scholars: Twin Ancient Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Pacific” is one of many examples:

More information on similar cultural parallels is available in Richard´s books, Written in Stone and The Missing Link, which you can look at here.

In 2017, Richard began hosting tours to countries that have a rich treasure trove of ancient archaeological sites (Egypt, Peru, Italy, Spain, England, etc.). If you would like to stay up to date with Richard´s research, discoveries, and tours please sign up for his newsletter on the right hand column of this website or here.

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