Poison Journalism: Six Shocking Clips of Brian Kilmeade On Fox News

It’s no secret that America’s mass media news outlets purposely distort the truth, brainwash the masses, and poison our minds and the minds of our children with all the “news” they are reporting. The Fox News Channel deserves special attention. Fox has wreaked havoc by pumping so much fear and toxicity into America society and into the world at large it’s stunning. Fox claims to be fair and balanced. But its reporters are so blatantly bigoted and biased they make a mockery of journalism. One Fox news “reporter” stands out not only for his hate-filled messages, but for the ignorance and arrogance with which he delivers them.  His name is Brian Kilmeade, and his award-winning “work” is utterly astonishing because of the depths and depravity to which it sinks (in my opinion).

Brian Kilmeade, award-winning “journalist” at Fox News.

Before we start, let’s be clear: Fox News journalist Brian Kilmeade is not an “evil” monster. We Americans tend to “love” and “hate,” to label people “good” and “bad,” “right” or “wrong.” It’s part of the mind-control spell we are under—a spell cast on us by the Elite through television, movies, the mass media, and our dumbed-down State-run education system.

So this article is not meant to inspire hatred. Kilmeade seems like a good father, good husband, good son and good friend. He seems to have a good sense of humor and he’s loyal to his convictions, which is admirable in anyone.

But, with that said, we need to take a look at all the poison Brian Kilmeade is pushing on our friends, families, colleagues, children, even ourselves. As a reporter for Fox news, his statements are skewed, his opinions are intolerable, even unbelievable, and the fact that he holds an unelected position of authority where he is allowed to influence masses of Americans with his fear-driven messages is incomprehensible.

Here are 6 brief video-clips which show how Brian Kilmeade’s brand of journalism—and, by extension, the Fox news style of journalism—is far from objective:space

VIDEO #1 – Kilmeade Calls For Terrorist Car Bombings In The Middle East

This is perhaps the most despicable thing Kilmeade has ever said on Fox news. On August 8th 2007, Brian Kilmeade openly and criminally called for terrorist car bombings in Iran. In doing so, he put himself in the same exact category as the worst terrorist who ever lived. No better. No worse.  It’s unbelievable but true. Here is the video:

The fact that these words came from an award-winning journalist is heartbreaking. Worse, this man has children of his own. Does Kilmeade not care how many innocent children will die in random car bombings in Iran should his advice be followed?

Imagine if a news anchor somewhere in the world (let’s say Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, or any of the other countries America has recently bombed) called for car bombings in New York City “to teach Americans a lesson”? How would Kilmeade feel about that journalist? For me, that journalist would be a criminal. And so for me Kilmeade is a criminal too.

Kilmeade should be held-to-account for his actions and ultimately taken off the air because of his words. Americans can and must demand better standards than this from our news stations.space

VIDEO #2 – Kilmeade Mocks U.S. Navy Seal And Former Governor Jesse Ventura During An Interview

Kilmeade mocked and chastised U.S. Vietnam war veteran and former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura on the air during a so-called “interview” which in truth sounded more like an “attack.” As you may know, Jesse Ventura has questioned the truth about 9/11, saying that perhaps the Bush administration lied about what they knew and when they knew it. See the clip below.  Remember, Jesse Ventura is a guest on Kilmeade’s show:

When people show a lack of respect for others, it often reveals a lack of respect for themselves, at least on some level. Ventura obviously holds his own here against not only Kilmeade but against Gretchen Carlson’s giggling (reminiscent of Junior High School) to the point that Kilmeade walks off in frustration—very arrogantly and unprofessionally.

Ventura could have walked off too, as he was clearly under fire during this fair and balanced “interview.” But he didn’t cut and run. He stayed and answered questions even though he was in essence being mocked for his views. Some journalism. Bravo Ventura.space

VIDEO #3 – Kilmeade: “Not All Muslims Are Terrorists, But All Terrorists Are Muslims”

Inane. Foolish. Racist. Bigoted. This next one of Kilmeade’s statements is just unreal. It’s hard to imagine that anyone can be this stupid. But there’s no need to imagine it, just click the play button and you’ll see:

This type of fear-driven “reporting” is very powerful. It pumps fear into one group of people (non-Muslims) directly teaching them to hate another (Muslims). Many Americans buy into the “all terrorists are Muslims” rhetoric because many Americans are scared and unable to think for themselves, so they repeat the things they see on the news and read in newspapers. How many times have you heard Americans say things like “we should just bomb all the Arab countries from the face of the earth”?

The trouble is, that’s the fear-inside-them talking. As someone who is not an Arab but who has visited Arab countries, I can promise you that people from the Middle East are among the kindest, gentlest most loving and family-oriented people in the world. Caring, honest, loving, kind-to-strangers, healthy and wise.

Bombing such people would make us terrorists (NEWS FLASH: most people in the world think we Americans are terrorists already because we let our government bomb innocence). Perhaps it’s time we take a stand.space

VIDEO #4 – Kilmeade Attacks Another Guest: Jeneane Garofalo

I’m not a Jeneane Garofalo apologist. But watch in this next clip how Jeneane tries to explain her reasoning as hard as she can against the onslaught of the mindless attack conducted by Brian Kilmeade.

This “interview” took place in February 2003, about a month before the Iraq War began and just after the worldwide protests of the impending U.S.-led invasion. Just as he was with Jesse Ventura, Kilmeade won’t allow a full reply or time for a reasoned response, showing why Fox is not as “fair and balanced” as they claim:

What Jeneane had to say afterward:

“The only time I’ve ever lost my cool is on Fox and Friends—this alleged morning news show on Fox. One of the first things one of the morning crew said to me was, “Boy, Saddam must love you.” I’m not going to put up with that shit. I don’t need to take that on a television program. You booked me, and you have a choice: You can either respect the guests you book, or book a guest you can respect. But I’m not going to come on there and have you make such an inflammatory statement. So I lost my cool.”

—Jeneane Garofalo

Of course, we all know the Iraq war went south quickly. It cost 4,500 Americans their lives (so far)  not to mention all the injured who lost vision, hearing, arms, legs, and more. The war has cost untold Iraqi deaths and suffering. Finally, it cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars and we never found weapons of mass destruction.

“The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War project, which said the total for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is at least $3.2-4 trillion.”


We should think about all of this senseless waste of life and limb and suffering and financial costs as the hawks in the media and the government begin to beat the war drum on Iran. We should think of all the innocent Iranian children who are alive today but will be dead tomorrow before we begin bombing.

Iranian children. In harm’s way right now. Alive today. But what about tomorrow?

Perhaps we should consider “talking to” and “trading with” these countries, not bombing them. I have several Iranian friends. All wonderful, kind, caring, family-oriented people.space

VIDEO #5 – Kilmeade Disses Then Dismisses U.S. Senator Carl Levin

This is just plain wrong. Conceited. Disrespectful. The level of arrogance in this next clip is stunning. Pay particular attention to the last few seconds of the interview. Note how Kilmeade dismisses Senator Levin. Again, disrespect of others is a sign of lack of self-respect, which Kilmeade seems to suffer from, at least on some level:

Seeing this makes one feel as though Kilmeade is some rich kid whose uncle owns a big part of Fox news, and so Kilmeade gets to work there, and Kilmeade knows he can do whatever he wants because Uncle Kilmeade is sitting in charge. I’m not interested in knowing how Kilmeade got the job—because the real power behind Fox is hidden—but I’d bet the truth is something like this. I mean, you saw the video, is this real Journalism?

Of course, taking a bit of a tough stance when questioning our elected officials is always acceptable, even commendable, when the circumstances warrant it. But this goes far beyond tough questions. Kilmeade is obnoxious, he doesn’t allow time for a reasoned response, and he mainly injects his opinion without listening to and acknowledging the point Levin is trying to make. He’s just arguing with the guy and telling Levin where he can go.space

VIDEO #6 – Kilmeade Caught Lying To Cover Up The Iraq War

This short clip is self-explanatory. Kilmeade’s caught in a lie, trying hard to twist the facts. This is the story of Journalism on Fox news, and on all the American news channels for that matter:

Seeing this clip brings to mind the phrase: “History is written by the victors.” We should remember this in the years to come when the U.S. / Iraqi wars (1990 – present, from the day the Persian Gulf War started) is written into U.S. history books as the “Era of Liberation” for the Iraqis—rather than the “Days of Death for Millions of Children,” which is what it really was. The Iraqis are no better off now than they were before. They are much worse off in fact.space

In Conclusion

In these few clips, we’ve seen enough to realize that Brian Kilmeade is not a Journalist, at least not in the idealistic sense of the word. Not fair. Not balanced. He’s also not a monster nor a wicked evil man. He’s just a guy who is not too smart, not too respectful, and very arrogant. He seems to be either 100% fear-driven or else he is 100% pushing a hidden agenda given to him by the higher-ups at Fox news (which agenda is to support the military-industrial complex).

Kilmeade is probably a good father, a good husband, and a good man (in some ways). But the Journalism he practices looks a lot like the Jerry Springer show. Don’t be surprised if in the near future Fox puts an audience into the studio so that each time Kilmeade slams a guest on the show the audience can cheer “Brian!” “Brian!” “Brian!” “Brian!”

Brain Kilmeade needs to be removed from the airwaves, and we can do this by boycotting Fox news, which it’s high time we did. It’s not easy for me to speak out like this, because it breaks my heart to know that maybe one day Kilmeade’s children or parents might read this article. But we all need to start speaking out loud about what we know is wrong, about what we know is fear-based, hate-based bigoted and biased Journalism, if this country and this world is going to become a better place for all of us and for the younger generations.



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