Modern Secret Societies All Share The Same Ancient / Occult Triptych Architecture

Look at the photo below:

#1 – The ancient pyramid cultures all built temples with “Triptych” facades. Evidence exists that can show how these temples all symbolized the pinnacle of all their ancient religions, a mysterious Sacred Science of the Soul.

#2 – The Triptych and the Sacred Science it symbolizes form the great secret of modern Secret Societies, like the Freemasons (true Freemasons). Medieval Freemasons encoded the Triptych into the architecture of Europe’s high Gothic cathedrals.

#3- The Triptych is the Great Secret of all the esoteric Secret Societies, not just the Freemasons. The Skull & Bones and the Shriners exhibit Triptych symbols clearly encoded in the facades of their headquarters / temples. All knew the Sacred Science: