Freemason Symbols, Their History, And True Esoteric Meaning

Just a quick note…

Since my last video post, The Masonic Wisdom Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals, I’ve started to receive a few emails (a couple from Freemasons) asking about Freemason symbols and their meaning.

Not sure where all the traffic is coming from, but I’m definitely being “found” online (I’m still trying to fix up my sites before putting out any Press Releases or doing any marketing.)

But I’m certainly glad people are interested.

However, rather than spend 30 minutes replying to individual emails, I think it’s better that I think carefully about the answers and then either create an article or video reply.

So stay tuned, as I promise to provide as much info as I can. I’ve only just begun!

(I’ve gotten a couple of questions about the Jachin & Boaz pillars. For the true meaning of these Masonic icons, please visit and read my PDF REPORT if you haven’t already done so. I give a pretty deep explanation of the pillars in there, and how they symbolize the “pairs of opposites” (Day/Night, Sun/Moon, Warm/Cold, and so on).

Stay connected, I’m going to be putting more out soon.