Boaz and Jachin—The Deeper Meaning Behind The Most Powerful of all Freemason Symbols

You’re now going to discover one of the greatest esoteric secrets in human history…

I’m not talking about American history, European history, or even Western or Eastern history.

I’m talking about “human history” as we know it.

It’s the “key” secret that “fascinated” and even “inspired” the world’s most ancient cultures (Americas, Europe, Oceana, Asia, Africa).

What’s the secret?

The cathedral-building Freemasons knew the secret and they expressed it symbolically using two identical (twin) columns, which you can see here:

Freemason Symbols boaz and jachin copy

Their names in (modern) Freemasonry are “Boaz and Jachin,” with Boaz on the left and Jachin on the right.

As the story goes, these two pillars were erected on either side of the entrance to King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, which was built by King Solomon c. 10th B.C.E. according to God’s instructions.

The symbolic significance of these twin pillars is not touched upon in Freemasonry, yet most modern authors say that in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament the word Jachin (the right hand pillar) means he will establish and Boaz (the left hand pillar) means strength.

You won’t hear anything even close to this explanation from me simply because I don’t believe any of it.

In fact, I call this a “substitute secret.” It was invented as a cover-up and it continues to be published in books and websites by an unsuspecting public.

My research uncovers the true meaning of the twin pillars, which predate Solomon, the Jews, and even the Old Testament books by thousands of years.

What’s their real meaning?

The answer is that the Twin Pillars form the foundation of an ancient “Sacred Science” once known worldwide.

This Sacred Science was encoded by the operative Freemasons into the design and architecture of the world’s most famous Gothic cathedrals.

And you can read all about it here: