Alien Message Detected: Proof We’re Not Alone, Hidden In The Sun & Moon (Pt. 2 of 2)

In Part I we decoded an alien “message” woven into our Sun & Moon billions of years ago by an ancient cosmic intelligence. We saw how the Sun & Moon cause Day & Night, which in turn cause all the “opposites” we experience (Light & Dark, Hot & Cold, Dry & Moist, etc.). The Sun & Moon appear the same size in our sky, and both shine average 12 of 24 hours daily―half each. The ancients knew this was no coincidence; they celebrated these “Mysteries.” When Christianity outlawed this information, Secret Societies arose to safeguard it. We’ll examine the Sun & Moon’s duality and unravel the third force of “balance” which teaches us who we are inside.

Sun & Moon flanking a Masonic Compass & Square. The Sun & Moon feature
throughout Masonic ritual, symbol and ceremony. This is not an accident.

In Part I, we learned the Great Secret that lies hidden in our Sun & Moon; a secret known to the Ancients, but later outlawed by Christianity and now mostly forgotten.

In the Middle Ages this secret became safeguarded by the Freemasons―history’s so-called “oldest  Secret Society.” For centuries the fraternity possessed this secret, passing it onto new generations of spiritually-gifted and freethinking individuals, who sought to use the secret to benefit humanity.

Unfortunately, about 150 years ago the secret was stripped away from Freemasonry by the corporate powers that began to emerge, and that are now wreaking havoc on our world. Little by little these corporate powers infiltrated Freemasonry, until the secret was ultimately stolen by them. Freemasonry today has become an empty shell, a shadow of its former glory; in some cases even a haven for subversive activities.

Amateur researchers thus err when they blame Freemasonry and similar secret societies for the world’s ills―not knowing these were once magnificent and beneficent Orders, but have deteriorated in relatively recent times, due to infiltration, corporate rape and control.Space

Sun & Moon On Masonic Documents

Fortunately, we can piece together the true lost wisdom of Freemasonry, which is one-and-the-same as the lost secret of the Sun & Moon.  We can do this by looking at Masonic documents and regalia, like the so-called “Tracing Boards” (designed to teach new initiates spiritual lessons).  Note how an image of the Sun shines atop the so-called “Jachin” pillar and an image of the Moon shines atop the “Boaz” pillar:

The “Masters Carpet,” from The Masonic Monitor in 1820, includes
Freemasonry’s key symbols: the Sun & Moon flanking a Mystical Eye.

The secret lies hidden in this arrangement, though modern Freemasons don’t realize it (again because the Order’s secrets were stripped away long ago).

“Not only are the origins of Freemasonry no longer known, but the ‘true secrets’ of the order are admitted to have been lost, with ‘substituted secrets’ being used in their place in Masonic ceremony….’”

―Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key

Using this Masonic Tracing Board as our guide, think about the two “powers” that rule the sky. The Sun rules the Day, the Moon rules the Night―so we are told in the Masonic ritual. Ponder the effect these twin heavenly bodies have on your life.

After hours, or weeks, or months or even years of contemplation, we eventually realize that there are 3 outstanding facts regarding our Sun & Moon; facts that seem to show their existence has been manipulated by the hand of some very wise intellect―an intellect that is older and far more powerful and superior than man on earth.Space

The Sun & Moon Decoded

Here are the three facts, as detailed in Part I:

FACT #1:

The Sun & Moon engender and denote all the “pairs of opposites” in our world through the following situation:

-The Sun causes DAY—but the Moon causes NIGHT (opposites).
-During the Day it’s HOT—but at Night it’s COLD (opposites).
-The Day is Hot and filled with LIGHT—but the Night is Cold and DARK (opposites).
-The Hot of the Day causes DRY—but the Cold of the Night causes WET (opposites).

By this chain of associations, the Sun & Moon can be said to cause all the “pairs of opposites” we humans experience on earth.

The next two facts exist to support this.

FACT #2:

When viewed from earth, the sun and moon appear exactly the same size in our sky—as if they were perfect opposites!

The Sun & Moon appear to be the same size in our sky―not a coincidence.

Of course, the sun’s diameter is much larger (400 times larger) than that of the moon; but, due to the moon’s close proximity, both orbs appear the same size in the sky. This is exceedingly unlikely, and astronomers of all ages have marveled at what they call this “strikingly odd coincidence.”

That’s not all…

FACT #3:

Both heavenly bodies show their faces for average 12 out of 24 hours daily. That’s exactly half each! This fits perfectly with the “opposites” being “equal” and “opposing” yet complementary and balancing.

The idea that both the Sun & Moon show their faces on average 12 hours out of a 24 hour day (half each) is more than “just a bit odd.” It’s an impossible coincidence!

Faced with these three amazing and intertwining facts, an awakened and thinking mind thus concludes that the Sun & Moon are not a natural occurrence; the Sun & Moon must have been “spun into position” this way, to convey an important teaching to man. This teaching is about “duality” and “opposites”; namely, that opposites are the building blocks and fabric of the material world.

Otherwise said, millions and perhaps even billions of years ago a very powerful cosmic and alien intellect purposely manipulated our sun, our moon, and our earth to teach us an important spiritual lesson. The foundation of this lesson is the Doctrine of Duality―the idea that everything in the universe has an equal and antithetical “opposite” (see Part I).

But there’s more to the lesson. Much

Freemasonry’s Number Three―Balance Of Opposites

Ancient cultures fully understood this “more” part to which I am referring. To understand it, let’s look at ancient China, where the Doctrine of Duality was conveyed by the Tai-Chi or Yin-Yang symbol, which stands in part for the “pairs of opposites” teaching:

The white half, yang, symbolizes the world’s active, aggressive or “male” forces. The black half, yin, symbolizes the world’s passive, receptive or “female” forces.

Like Freemasonry’s twin Jachin (sun) and Boaz (moon) pillars, the yin and yang are of equal size and shape; this highlights the equality of their duality. It also highlights the ideal state of equilibrium latent within them.

“The Sun is the chief visible manifestation of the yang, as the moon is of the yin.”

—Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan

Thus the Ying-Yang conveys the concept of opposites. However, it conveys something more; namely, the idea that the source of these twin opposites is a third power―the power of balance. In the Yin-Yang symbol, this third power of balance, or unity, is visibly depicted by the circle. (With no beginning and no end the circle is a symbol of eternity.) Notice how the circle encompasses and contains both yin and yang within its perimeter.

For this reason, the Yin-Yang symbol (as we call it) is known by the Chinese to symbolize more than just duality; it is, in fact, the symbol of a trinity or three-in-one doctrine:

“The Chinese trinity, being the duality of yang and yin organized into a higher unity under the harmonious influence of Ch’i, is regarded as the source of all existence, and its symbol…possesses a deep religious significance for the Chinese heart.”

―Táo Teh King

This ancient three-in-one teaching, often expressed simply by the number Three―the number that “balances” opposites―is tremendously important. It is the key to every great religious tradition in Antiquity, and it forms the spiritual support behind every indigenous culture. Later in history it became the secret doctrine of every esoteric and occult school.

The concept of the three-in-one is no less than the lost secret of the Freemasons:

“Everywhere among the ancients the number three was deemed the most sacred of numbers…In all the mysteries, from Egypt to Scandinavia, we find a sacred regard for the number three…”

It was…a general character of the mysteries to have three principal officers and three grades of initiation. In Freemasonry, the ternary is the most sacred of all the mystical numbers.”

―Albert Mackey, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, 1879

“The number 3 is very important in Masonry and the occult…Thus we have three degrees, three great lights, three lesser lights, three principle officers, three assistant officers, three sets of three working tools, three steps… three who rule a lodge, three Grand Masters, and three orders of architecture.”

―John T. Lawrence in Perfect Ashalar and Other Masonic Symbols, 1912

Masonic Triangle―Balance Of Opposites

In Freemasonry, the Triangle expresses the number Three and the Three-In-One in geometric form. The Triangle stands not only for the Doctrine of Duality, but also the Third power that balances duality. Note the Triangle on Giordano Bruno’s Grand Master Certificate. Look at how the twin points that form the Triangle’s base are actually the tops of a male sun pillar (Jachin) and female moon pillar (Boaz):

Grand Master Certificate of the 16th century “heretic” and Freemason Giordano Bruno.
The  male pillar is crowned with the sun, the female pillar is crowned with the moon.

Jachin—the white pillar of light…Boaz—the shadowy pillar of darkness… the active and the passive…the sun and the moon.

—Manly Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

In ancient Greece, as in Freemasonry, the balance of opposites was conveyed by this same Triangle, which was  built architecturally onto the facade of Greek temples:

The Temple of Concord in Agrigento, Sicily, depicts a massive Triangle at its apex.

“The unity of opposites was first suggested by Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC) a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher.”


Sun & Moon In The Human Blueprint

The ancients believed that we humans, since we live inside the universe and not apart from it, are composed of the same duality or “pairs of opposites” as the Universe.  As above so below, they said. They believed this duality was manifested in the perfect left/right symmetry of the human body. We have two hands, two arms, two legs, two feet, two eyes, two ears, and so on—in other words, a sun half and a moon half:

The right side of our bodies is male / solar. Our left side is female / lunar.

Our right side is male, our left is female. Ancient societies always recognized a balance here.

“The axis, which divides the world into two halves, one radiant and the other dark, also cuts through the human body and divides it between the empire of light and darkness.”

—Robert Hertz, The Pre-eminence of the Right Hand, 1909

Manly Hall wrote:

“In ancient times men fought with their right arms and defended the vital centers with their left arms…The right half of the body was regarded…as offensive and the left half defensive…the right side of the body was considered masculine and the left side feminine.”

—Manly Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The ancient Maya believed the same:

“For the Classic Maya, as with contemporary Maya peoples, the right hand or side of the body often signified “pure, powerful, or superordinate,” and the left frequently symbolized “weaker, lame, or subordinate” in particular cultural contexts.”

―Dr. Joel W. Palka (Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee)

Incredibly, the ancient Egyptians, like the ancient Mayans, also believed the right and left halves of the human body are formed by opposites:

“As is the case in many ancient and modern cultures, the right side was deemed to be more auspicious than the left…The texts speak of the king’s powerful right hand; the right ear is associated with hearing and wisdom; and the right eye is the more important, with the right eye of the god of the heavens being the sun and the moon the left…During the Old Kingdom, the male figure often stands or sits to the right of the female…”

―Richard Wilkinson, Symbol & Magic in Egyptian Art

“…the Egyptian word for right is closely related to their word for west, and the word for left relates to east….It is thus interesting that the right (i.e., west) side of the body should be associated with life, and the left (i.e. east) side with death.”

―John Francis Nunn, Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Later in history this doctrine was inherited by the Freemasons. Famous magician (and Freemason) Harry Houdini wrote:

…the Sun represents the right half of the body and the Moon the left half…”

―Harry Houdini

This male/female breakdown has secretly been expressed in countless Renaissance portraits and esoteric sketches:

Esoteric Human Portrait (1400s). This person is you—half solar male, half lunar female.

The idea that our physical bodies are composed of opposites explains the age-old idea that there’s a “devil” on our left shoulder (tempting us to do evil) and an “angel” on our right (telling us to do good):

The classic angel-on-our-right-shoulder and devil-on-our-left-shoulder design.

If the Doctrine of Duality teaches that we have a male/right side and a female/left side, then where does the number Three come into play?

Just as the circle is older than the yin and the yang which it generates and encompasses, so the number Three teaches that we are older than the body which we temporarily possess. That is to say, we humans are more than just twin opposing halves of an animal body. There is an older part of us, an eternal part that “generates” the twin dualities. Deep inside, we are this older part—it is our eternal spiritual soul at the core of our being. Think of your spiritual soul as being the Circle (the Tao) while the material twin halves of your body are the yin on one side and yang on the other:

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

—CS Lewis

Just as the the Circle (Tao) is older than the Yin-Yang duality inside it, so we—our souls—are older than the left/right duality of our physical body; we existed before the body’s birth and we’ll live on after its death:

“Platonists believed in a pre-existent state, in which all souls had sinned, and thus lost their wings… and so they sunk into these bodies partly as a punishment…”

—Olinthus Gregory

The ancients believed that, having fallen from our eternal spiritual home in “heaven,” we now suffer amnesia; we are unaware of our eternal spiritual nature, cut off from our powerful inner spiritual identity. The soul should be thought of as an immortal god, according to the ancients.

Man is a god in the body of an animal according to…ancient philosophy…”

—Alvin Boyd Kuhn

NOW, HERE IS THE KEY: Though fallen temporarily into the body of an animal, we are still eternal souls! We still possess our eternal powers. Our souls never lost these powers. They have merely been “covered” by the body. Freemasonry was founded not just to put Man in touch with his soul, but to help him rediscover its higher powers, powers now temporarily covered up by the body. How does man rediscover his soul? By perfectly balancing our own twin animal halves—our right and

Masonic Triangle Revealed

This idea of “balancing” our opposites (balancing our duality) is the great and age-old “Secret of Three” and the “Lost Secret of the Freemasons”:

…only by the reconciliation of opposing forces is the Pathway made to true occult knowledge and practical power…”

—Israel Regardie

This “balance” of “Three” is expressed in Freemasonry geometrically by a Triangle―the same Triangle we saw earlier on Freemason Giordano Bruno’s Grand Master Certificate. Below we see the Triangle decorate the focal point of a Masonic Lodge room in New York City:

The Jacobean Room is a Masonic lodge room located at 23rd Street
in New York City inside a Masonic lodge. A powerful Triangle graces
the all-important East side of this and many similar Masonic lodges.

A Triangle’s apex is higher than, and centered midway between, its twin lower points. Similarly, your soul is higher than, and centered midway between, your opposing animal halves:

As the triangle’s apex transcends its two lower points, so your soul transcends your two lower animal halves, your sun half and moon half.  Whereas duality (Two) signifies your physical body, the greater triangle (Three) signifies your soul (a.k.a. your higher Self in the center that rests eternal behind your temporary bodily right / left self.)

Your soul is older than the twin dualities of your physical body. You find your apex—your “soul within”—by putting your two bodily halves in balance.

“By the mere fact of being in this dualistic world every living being, whether a Mason or not, walks upon the square pavement of mingled good and evil in every action of his life…he who aspires to be master of his fate and captain of his soul must walk upon these opposites in the sense of transcending and dominating them… He must become able to rise above the motley of good and evil, to be superior and indifferent to the ups and downs of fortune, the attractions and fears governing ordinary men and swaying their thoughts and actions this way or that. His object is the development of his innate spiritual potencies, and it is impossible that these should develop so long as he is over-ruled by his material tendencies and the fluctuating emotions of pleasure and pain that they give birth to.”

―W.L. Wilmshurst, The Meaning of Masonry

We see this idea illustrated on the Tracing Board below, which takes the form of an ancient Pagan temple, a fitting design since this is an ancient Pagan teaching:

Masonic Tracing Board designed to look like a
Pagan temple, from Union Lodge in Boston, MA, 1796.

First, note the black and white checkerboard floor, which as Wilmshurst tells us symbolizes “the square pavement of mingled good and evil” that each of us must “walk upon” during life.

Second, see how the Twin Pillars align with the sun and moon above them, denoting the “pairs of opposites.”

Third, see how the tops of the Twin Pillars form the two lower halves of a triangle.

Fourth, look at the apex of that triangle, and notice the luminous Eye pattern above it.

Why an Eye? What does the Eye stand for?space

Forming The Triangle & Awakening Our Third Eye

The answer is, when you are able to live a life in which you have perfectly balanced your opposites, you become illuminated or awakened. When this happens, a mysterious, hidden Eye opens in you. Plato called it the “Eye of the Soul,” and we see it here in Masonic architecture inside a Triangle:

The image of an Eye inside a triangle graces a Masonic lodge
in Prague from the 18th Century. This is the Eye of the Soul,
as described by Plato (i.e., the Third Eye we all possess).

“.. in every man there is an Eye of the soul which…is far more precious than ten thousand bodily eyes, for by it alone is truth seen.”

The Eye of the soul… is alone naturally adapted to be resuscitated and excited by the mathematical disciplines.”

—Plato, The Republic

Located in the center of our brains, Plato’s “Eye of the Soul” has historically been called the Mind’s Eye, Inner Eye and Third Eye (Third = Masonic Three).  This Mind’s Eye or Third Eye is still not recognized by Western medicine. Most medical books carry only a brief description, referring to it as the “pineal gland”; however, our ancestors knew much more about it, depicting it symbolically on the human forehead in art and literature.

ncient Third Eye imagery from a mosaic in Sicily, Italy.

Our two eyes see outward at physical things, but our Mind’s Eye looks inward to spiritual things. When our Third Eye opens, we are able to “see” our soul within. It’s then that you discover a conscious “deity” held captive within you—your true Self!

We term this deity our “soul,” but it’s really a fallen god, fallen because we don’t realize we are eternal gods who are only temporarily clothed as animals. Thus, whereas the Masonic Triangle (below left) symbolizes the union or balancing of opposites, the Masonic “Eye in the Triangle” (below right) symbolizes the awakening of our Mind’s Eye that occurs when these opposites are united or balanced:

The Triangle symbolizes the balance of opposites.
The Eye inside the triangle symbolizes the Third
Eye that opens when our opposites are balanced.

An age-old spiritual custom, the act of “Awakening Our Third Eye” is still practiced in the East: recall the sacred Third Eye (bindi) dot mystically worn by Hindus:

The dot on the forehead symbolizes the Third Eye we all possess.

The dot on the forehead symbolizes the Third Eye, the organ of mystical power that we all possess. The image below depicts a statue that exists in an ancient cave in Bombay, India. The Buddha is shown awakening his Third Eye. Flanking him on either side are male and female profiles; a male on his right (symbolizing male / solar forces) and a female on his left (symbolizing female / lunar forces):

The eternal, flanked by male and female figures.

The statue teaches that between your temporary right/male and left/female physical halves you have an eternal spiritual soul in the center. Here the soul is depicted as the Buddha (who symbolizes your “soul within” or “god within”). We can see this eternal “god within” by using our symbolic Third Eye in the middle of our foreheads. Note how his two eyes are closed; it’s because his single Eye is opened.

In the following video, the great 20th century philosopher Joseph Campbell explains that when the soul incarnates into human form (moving out of the field of the transcendent) it leaves unity and enters into duality, which he calls a “field of opposites”:

The Third Eye in the Triangle thus signifies an illuminated human being who has united his opposites and found the middle path; and who is thus able to see his “soul within” and consequently knows he is a “god” temporarily wearing animal clothing. This is what the age-old system of Freemasonry is all about―teaching man to become the spiritual soul / eternal god that each one of us is deep inside.

Now, all this may sound strange to many of us in the West. But deep thinkers like psychologist Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) knew it well:

The great Carl Jung (1875 – 1961)

Unfortunately our Western mind, lacking all culture in this respect, has never yet devised a concept, nor even a name, for the union of opposites through the middle path, that most fundamental item of inward experience…”

—Carl Jung, Anima and Animus

Sun & Moon In Kundalini Yoga

In the ancient system of Yoga, the awakening of the Mind’s Eye is depicted in Kundalini Yoga, with its famous “chakra” system. The Third Eye or “ajna” chakra is the sixth of seven chakras and is awakened when we balance our solar “pingala” channel on our body’s right side with our lunar “ida” channel on our body’s left side:

Kundalini Yoga, the Third Eye yoga. Note the sun on
the right-hand side and moon on the left-hand side.

With the image above in mind, let’s look again at the Masonic Tracing Board. We can see that the Tracing Board is nothing more than a roadmap to one’s Ida, Pingala, and Third Eye. This is why the single Eye—i.e., the Third Eye—is usually drawn centered between the sun (pingala) and moon (ida) on the Tracing Board:

Masonic Tracing Board, 1820

Interestingly, the rare coincidence of the Sun & Moon being equal size in our heavens (discussed earlier) allows us to enjoy solar eclipses, an event where the sun’s disk becomes covered or “occulted” by the moon’s disk. The two briefly appear united; a “union of opposites,” you might say, which circumstance seems to form a single, giant radiant Eye:

A total eclipse of the sun, when the Sun & Moon can be said
to “unite” for a moment, appears to us on earth as a giant
all-Seeing Eye staring down at us.

Doesn’t the solar eclipse look exactly like an eye? If you agree it does, then you’re not alone. Astronomers of all ages have cited the illustrious “Eye” effect of eclipses, and many say it looks like some mysterious kind of All-Seeing Eye staring down at us.

The solar eclipse looks exactly like a single giant Eye radiating in the sky.

During a solar eclipse, then the Sun & Moon seem to unite as one. This pairing  is meant to convey the idea of balance―as if there is a third harmonizing force at work.

And this is the final piece of the puzzle!

The alien intelligence who manipulated the Sun & Moon in our sky purposely engineered the solar eclipse for us, giving us the instruction that when we unite the opposites (when Sun & Moon are one) we can awaken our own Third Eye! The alien intelligence was giving us a hint of our cosmic Third Eye power, the awakening of which shows us who we are deep

In Closing

Ancient sages, priests, and priestesses understood that our Sun & Moon have been manipulated by the hand of an ancient and vastly superior spiritual intellect on purpose. The goal of this intelligence has been to teach man spiritual concepts about the universe, our world, and our physical and spiritual selves.

Our wise ancestors encoded their precious wisdom and discoveries surrounding the Sun & Moon into their sacred symbolism, art, and architecture and they orally transmitted it down the generations via the so-called “Ancient Mystery Schools” and “Ancient Mystery School Teachings.”

Unfortunately, about 2,000 years ago this ancient knowledge was banned and outlawed by the Catholic Church and other organized religions. Luckily, the wisdom was preserved for posterity through the formation of Secret Societies, like the Freemasons.

Today, the wisdom of the Sun & Moon is purposely being hidden from us―or, rather, forbidden from our view―by the Elite, who fear empowering the masses with authentic spiritual knowledge.  However, we can rediscover the ancient lost knowledge for ourselves, simply by observation. To make things easier to follow, we can simply use Masonic symbolism as our guide, which is what we’ve done in the present article.



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